Course conditions


Applications for our fellowships and courses are only accepted by using our online application form. Incomplete application forms will be rejected. By filling in the application form completely and sending it to us, you accept our terms and conditions as described on our website. You will receive a written (electronic) confirmation from us. Acceptance of your application is based upon date and time of the received application. You will be automatically placed on the course list unless stated otherwise by APU Europe.

Costs and payments

Course costs will be communicated directly with you after contacting APU Europe, or will be published on our website. All costs include VAT ('BTW'). APU Europe has the right to adjust course costs, unless the costs have been prior confirmed to the course student in writing. With your digital application you allow APU Europe to deduct the costs (or parts of it) from the bank account number given within the application form.

The course invoice will be sent to you immediately after application and before the course begins, if possible at least 30 days in advance. For some courses the payments will be split in 2 or 3 payments. This will be documented with the course descriptions, and will also be noted on the course invoice. Total payment needs to be finalised latest two days before the beginning of the course, on the bank account given at our website. If for unknown reasons no invoice is sent to a course participant, please contact us via email or our online contact form.

After the invoice is received the payments have to be paid within 21 days after invoice date or - if time is less than 3 weeks - latest two days before course start. The payment is performed by transferring the payment onto our bank account which is given on the invoice form. Documentation of invoice number and invoice date is necessary.

Cancellations and changes

If you have to cancel the course after having been placed on the participant list, you need to contact us as fast as possible. If the participation of a course is cancelled within 30 days from the beginning of this course, we will require payment of 50% of the total course costs. If the course participant cancels a course within 30 days of beginning of the course or does not take part at our courses, 100% of the total course costs will be accounted for.

If participation of a course is changed to a different course within more than 30 days of the beginning of the applied course, we will account for 25% of the total course costs. Changes within 3 to 30 days before the beginning of the course will require a payment of 50% of the total course costs. Changes within 3 days before beginning of the course will account for 75% of the total course costs.
Changes to courses are only possible once. Cancellations and changes can only be performed in a writing, arriving within the above mentioned dates at APU Europe. APU Europe accepts other course participants only as substitutes for course students if these conform with our application criteria.

Group size

The maximum size of our courses is 12 course participants, in exceptional cases are 14 students possible. If the group size exceeds these numbers we will offer those students who applied last an alternative date. APU Europe has the right to cancel courses with insufficient participants. In this case, you will receive notice more than 10 days in advance. If payment has been made for a specific course by you and the course is cancelled, you will receive a 100% refund of your payments.


APU Europe employs highly qualified and busy trainers and supervisors. We work hard to make our courses and fellowships happen. APU Europe cannot be responsible if courses need to be cancelled for reasons outside our range of influence, for example if it proves impossible to find qualified trainers. We will make contact with you as soon as possible to offer you an alternative.


Course material and further documentation are protected intellectual property and may not be copied, replicated or used otherwise. Use of audiovisual technology to record sounds, pictures or videos during the courses (or parts of it) is forbidden. Especially is it not allowed to make software (or parts of it) used during the courses available to a third party.

Other course information

Lunch, dinner (although with a limited number of drinks) and hotel with breakfast are included in the fellowship course costs. Course details including programme can be found on our website under the specific headings. We try to find a central course location in your country to make travel for every participant as easy as possible. In our confirmation of your application you will find the final data about course and location. All costs are quoted in Euros per person, including GST.

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