CV Volker Gerling

Volker Gerling is board member, medical director for echocardiography and midline/PICC, and trainer and reviewer for echocardiography. After international training (Germany, Norway, New Zealand) he worked from 2006 til the end of 2011 as a consultant cardiac anaesthesiologist at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU)/The Netherlands before changing to general anesthesia at the Meander Hospital (Amersfoort) since then. His focus was (and still is) on echocardiography (he was the 2nd anesthetist in the Netherlands to gain European adult TEE accreditation in 2008) and other clinical applications of ultrasound. Obviously there are additional interests in (clinical) medicine and thankfully also non-medical interests.

His motivation:
- He is interested in introducing echocardiography to non-specialised users of ultrasound
- He has a deep belief in the value of using ultrasound for better clinical patient management
- Ultrasound is phantastic in it?s technology and applicability
- See one, do one, teach one...

Academy for Perioperative Ultrasound